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In Minecraft, there are many mobs available for gamers to ride.

Riding mobs can be great for traveling distances in Minecraft worlds. Plus, it is always fun to take care of a Minecraft mob as a pet, which is easy to do with nearly every rideable Minecraft mob.

However, when it comes to the variety of rideable mobs in Minecraft, some are arguably better for riding than others.

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Rideable mobs in Minecraft ranked from worst to best

7) Llama

Llamas in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)Riding a pig (Image via Minecraft Fandom)A Minecraft donkey (Image via Minecraft)A Minecraft mule (Image via Minecraft)Mules in Minecraft are arguably slightly better than donkeys, despite being so similar. This is because they can move faster and jump higher than donkeys can.

Notably, mules can also carry chests for players. To obtain a mule in Minecraft, gamers must breed a donkey and a horse.

3) Horse

Riding a horse (Image via Minecraft)The skeleton horse (Image via Minecraft Wiki)Skeleton horses have nearly all the same qualities as regular horse mobs. The main differences between them are their rarity and appearances.

The skeleton horse is quite a rare mob to have in the Minecraft world. They only appear on scarce occasions when lightning strikes, and they often spawn with a hostile skeleton mob atop as well.

Because skeleton horses have a more unique look than regular horses, and owning one in Minecraft is an infrequent occurrence, they are a bit more impressive than the previously listed rideable mobs.

1) Strider

A strider riding a strider (Image via Minecraft) Edited by R. Elahi