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PM Narendra Modi Addresses Nation On 1 Billion Vaccination Milestone: Highlights

PM Narendra Modi is addressing the nation on 1 billion vaccinations today.

PM Narendra Modi today addressed the nation on the completion of 1 billion vaccine doses. The address comes a day after India scripted history by becoming only the second country after China to reach the one billion COVID-19 vaccinations milestone mark.

The Prime Minister said it was not just a number but a symbol of the country’s ability and of “new India”. He also said India’s critics had been silenced. “100 crore vaccine jabs is just not a number. It is the reflection of the capacity of this country, this is a new chapter of the country, a country that knows how to achieve huge targets,” PM Modi said.

Here are the Highlights from PM Narendra Modi’s address to the nation:

  • On 21st October, India accomplished the target of 1 billion COVID19 vaccinations. This achievement belongs to every individual in the country. “I congratulate every citizen for this feat.”

  • India has achieved a difficult milestone of 1 billion vaccination doses against Covid-19. The “sense of responsibility” by all 130 Crore citizens is behind this achievement.

  • There were apprehensions over our vaccination program. It was also being said about India that how will discipline work here.

  • We should be proud of the fact that India’s entire vaccination program has been ‘science-driven and science-based. It’s based on scientific methods, entirely.

  • We ensured that “VIP culture” does not overshadow our vaccination program and everyone is treated equally.

  • India’s vaccine campaign is a living example of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas aur Sabka Prayas”.

  • Wherever we see there is only optimism now….earlier there were only chants about made in this country, that country, but today everyone is talking about ‘Made in India’.

  • Experts in India and abroad are very positive about India’s economy. Today, not only record investment is coming to Indian companies but new employment opportunities are also being created for the youth.